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Sex Dungeon

Sex Dungeon

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Joe Kostecki
Sexy Dragon

Beautiful hand tied flies. Highly recommended for fishing all fish species. Check out my Facebook site Mighty Mitch & Jungle Joe’s Jigflies. 😊🎣👍


Great service!
And fast!
Keep Up the good work!

Discover unparalleled angling success with Kelly Galloup's Sex Dungeon Fly Streamer, the ultimate articulated lure renowned for its remarkable fish-attracting prowess. Crafted with innovation and angling expertise, this streamer is your go-to choice for enticing monster fish across diverse waters, from the flowing rivers of Montana to the Great Lakes Tributaries.

Key Features:

Versatile Design: Available in a range of colours from natural hues like black, olive, and rust to vibrant yellows and whites, the Sex Dungeon perfectly imitates prey such as sculpins, large crayfish, and various baitfish, ensuring its effectiveness in any fishing condition.

Articulated Appeal: Its double-hooked, articulated construction, featuring a unique blend of materials such as deer hair, marabou, and rubber legs, coupled with lead eyes, creates a seductive serpentine movement and a buoyant yet front-heavy profile that mimics the erratic motion of wounded prey.

Proven Performance: Whether targeting trophy browns, rainbows, bass, or pike, the Sex Dungeon has a legendary reputation for delivering results. Its design encourages aggressive strikes by exploiting fish predatory behaviours, making it a potent choice for anglers seeking to land the big one.

Fishing Technique: Optimized for a jerk-strip retrieve, this streamer thrives when fished with urgency and aggression. Designed for both sinking and floating lines, its neutrally buoyant nature requires a full-sinking line for deeper exploration, ensuring it reaches those critical feeding zones.

Size and Build: Measuring at five inches in length, the streamer's shape and weighted deer-hair head enable a dynamic range of motion in the water, from darting jolts to enticing wiggles that promise to trigger explosive strikes.

Why Choose Galloup's Sex Dungeon Fly Streamer?

Kelly Galloup's innovation shines in the Sex Dungeon, a streamer that challenges traditional fly fishing norms with its dynamic action and versatility. It's not just a fly; it's a carefully engineered tool designed to appeal to the most discerning predatory fish. Whether you're after the elusive trophy trout or bass, the Sex Dungeon's blend of attractive movement, enticing colours, and robust design positions it as a must-have in your fly fishing arsenal. Embrace the opportunity to transform your fishing experiences with a streamer that's as deadly as it is exciting to use.

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