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Credit Roe

Credit Roe

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1 Package includes 15 Beads

Made from Acrylic

Our specialized assortment offers optimal solutions for drift fishing, floating, and bottom bouncing, catering specifically to the unique challenges of the Great Lakes Tributaries, including the Credit River in Southern Ontario.

Discover the effectiveness of our trout beads along the Credit River, where countless anglers have experienced enhanced catch rates. Ideal for the diverse fishing conditions presented by this renowned river and its tributaries, our beads mimic the natural diet of target fish species, making them irresistible.

Whether you're aiming for the bountiful steelhead runs in the Credit River or pursuing trophy brown trout and salmon in the broader Great Lakes region, our high-quality trout beads are proven to boost your success on the water. Enhance your fishing strategy with our expertly crafted trout beads, and witness the difference they make in your fishing expeditions across the Credit River and beyond.

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Dan Subonovich
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