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Hoh Bo Spey Fly

Hoh Bo Spey Fly

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Embrace the pinnacle of spey fishing with our Hoh Bo Spey Fly, expertly designed for the dedicated angler pursuing steelhead and salmon in the majestic rivers of the Pacific Northwest and tributaries of the Great Lakes. This fly stands out with its dynamic movement, vivid coloration, and silhouette that perfectly imitates the natural prey of these coveted fish species.

Built to last, it combines robust materials that withstand challenging fishing conditions, ensuring your fly remains intact through numerous casts and captures. Whether navigating the storied waters of the Pacific or the Great Lakes Tributaries, the Hoh Bo Spey Fly is your essential companion for a successful outing.


  • Lifelike Action: Emulates the movement of fish prey, provoking aggressive strikes.
  • Durability: Constructed with premium feathers and synthetics for enduring use.
  • Broad Application: Excellently suited for steelhead, salmon, and more in both rivers and Great Lakes tributaries.
  • Artisan Quality: Meticulously hand-tied to ensure superior quality and effectiveness.
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